Solar System upgrades?

We have heard from a number of customers that they have been approached by solar companies offering products that can improve their existing solar system.

Clearly, if your inverter has stopped functioning and is sadly out of warranty, then you must replace it. We can install quality inverters from £1195.

Most older inverters should last around 10 years, but high-quality products could last out 20 years. Ask us for advice if you are being told to replace your inverter when it appears to still be working.

We do install and offer our customers micro-inverters, which is a way to individualise your panels, but only as part of a new solar installation. This product  is important if part of your solar array is shaded. In this case, it may improve performance by up to 25% a year. However, if there is no shading it will not likely improve your system by more than a few percentage points. For customers who already have an inverter, we do not recommend this be considered even if they are on the highest tariffs as it will likely take more than ten years to achieve payback, if ever.

Finally, we are familiar with voltage regulators, also referred to as PV optimisers or maximisers. These units can help if your incoming mains power is greater than 245V, ideally 250V or more. However, if your inverter is of good quality, it will unlikely make much difference. 

In conclusion, we advise caution when considering so-called solar upgrade products. 

Simple rule of thumb - if it is any good, you will find it in our product brochure!