Solar PV installations

How does it work

Solar photo-voltaic panels are usually fixed to a roof or ground mounted and facing either South, East or West for optimal performance. They generate electricity during daylight hours (not just when it is sunny) and this power can be used in the home or exported to the grid.

Today, the product is cheaper than ever and a typical 4KW system can be installed from just £3995! If well positioned, you will be able to generate up to 4000kWh power per year

Feed in tariff payments

The government-backed FIT is still available for new installs. A 4KW system could pay out around £240 a year and is guaranteed for 20 years. And these payments will increase in line with inflation. This means that in the long run, your system will pay for itself using the FIT alone before the benefit of the free electricity, which could be worth hundreds of pounds a year 

Integrated roof solar panels

For a little more money, we strongly recommend that you use the latest panels that can be fully integrated with your roof, taking the place of roof tiles. This is especially attractive for those who are building a new home and they look great!