Far Infra-Red Heating

What is Infra-Red Heating?

Infra red heating

Infra-red heating technology has been around since the 1970s, where it has been used in specialist applications like hospital incubators for premature babies. Using flat panels mounted on the wall or ceiling, you can heat a room in minutes using electricity.

Unlike conventional heating, it does not directly heat the air (known as convection heating) instead it directly heats solid objects like the walls, furniture and yourself

Saving you money

The cost of infra-red has dropped hugely over the years and now it is up to 30% cheaper to install vs. traditional "wet" heating systems like hot water radiators. It is also much cheaper to run saving you an average of 25% compared to gas, 50% over oil and up to 70% over storage heaters!

And you can start small by installing just one room at a time with ceiling fitted prices from just £495!

Key benefits


  • Heat any room in minutes
  • Panels have lifespan of 20-30 years
  • Zero maintenance
  • No cold spots in the room - uniform and even heat throughout
  • Significantly reduces damp and mould
  • Better quality heat at the exact desired temperature
  • Health benefits by reducing circulation of dusty air and deeper penetration of infra-red rays

Unrivalled customer satisfaction

Infra red heating by GoodLife energy

Our customers have reported incredible benefits since installing infra-red. We firmly believe that this product is the beginning of the end for traditional radiators, electric storage heaters, under floor heating etc. It will become the only way to heat your home or business premises

Furthermore, our installs are equipped with the latest Honeywell Evohome control system that will wirelessly connect to your panels, silently switching them on and off to meet your temperature settings

Rotkraft product

Rotkraft infra red

We are accredited premium installers for Rotkraft infra-red panels, which we have selected due to their much higher efficiency vs. leading competitors. This translates into lower running costs for you and longer lasting product. Rotkraft pioneered its technology in Austria and was previously part of HPI AG, once the World's largest chemical company 

Rotkraft offer the longest insurance-backed warranty in the market (ten years as standard, extendable to twenty years)

A complete service


We typically advise our clients to install the panels on the ceiling which are wired discretely and equipped with wireless thermostatic control systems. Not only does it look great, but it gives you complete control over the temperature and timers. We can remove your radiators and old boilers as well

Panels are either aluminium or glass, white or black and we also offer mirror panels especially suited to the bathroom. As well as this, some commercial customers choose to opt for picture design panels, bespoke to order

Rotkraft Infra-Red Heating

Check out this great video about how infra-red will benefit you

Important Notice

According to the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany), which has studied the benefits of Far Infra-red heating, a large number of heating products marketed as Infra-red are in fact not comparable to Far Infra-Red, but instead are conventional electric heating systems with similar characteristics. You may have seen products advertised on the internet at lower prices, but be warned that these products may cost more to run, may not produce the stunning comfortable warmth and may not even last ten years.

Secondly, some of our competitors are claiming miraculous health benefits. There is a difference between Far Infra-red heat and near Infra-red such as that used for sports injuries and other muscle or tissue therapy. To our knowledge, no peer- reviewed scientific study has been made to date, but anecdotal health benefits have been noted by independent studies namely:

  •  no smell from dust/from heating; this property was positively appraised mainly by people who suffer from asthma 
  • warm feet (in contrast with the previous situation with convection heating)
  • fresh (cool) air
  •  cosy warmth 

Finally, we must emphasise the importance of proper thermostatic controls to truly reap the full benefits of FIR heating. We use wireless thermostats and responders for every panel and it is only then that the system is complete and will deliver the revolutionary differences that will forever change the way you heat your home

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