Thermodynamic Water Heating (Advanced Solar Heat Pumps)

How does it work?

The Magic Box thermodynamic system for hot water is truly revolutionary. Using the well understood principles of thermodynamics, heat can be created using the difference in temperature of the super-cooled refrigerant and the outside air temperature

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Why Magic Box products?

Quite simply, Magic Box is the best quality and best value on the market. Years of careful R&D have perfected this technology to give a robust and reliable solution which places traditional boilers in the shade.

Designed and manufactured in the UK and featured extensively on leading design TV shows such as "Grand Designs" on Channel 4 We are proud to be an authorised Magic Box distributor

How much will I save?

 As a rule of thumb, it will reduce the spend on hot water by around 80%. This means that an average family will only spend around £60-£90 a year on their water heating bills. The spend will be on the small amount of electricity needed by the unit. What is more, the unit does not require maintenance saving you hundreds in servicing costs over the next twenty years!

Key benefits

  • Relatively cheap to install in less than one day
  • A constant 55°C 365/7 days a year
  • Weekly temperature boost to guard against legionnaires disease
  • Zero maintenance and warranty up to 20 years
  • Less than £100 running costs per year
  • Energy efficient and environmentally-friendly
  • Immersion rod as back-up to safeguard against unexpected very cold weather (consistently below -10°C)
  • If you have solar PV, a great way to utilise excess solar power and save even more
  • MCS approved and Energy A-rated (on certain product lines)

Several options for installation

If you have a hot water tank, you may simply install the magic box. Or you can install the integrated cylinder unit with sizes of 130L, 200L and 300 Litres.

Some customers opt to combine this with infra-red heating, which means we can completely remove your boiler, otherwise you can keep it in place, which will reduce wear.

The thermo panel does not need to be mounted on a roof nor does it need to face the sun. It can be mounted on any wall - it just needs to be outside the home

The technology is many years in development and the principles behind it have been around for decades


When did Thermodynamic hot water heating first begin?

The first patent for the technology in its present form was made in 1990. A lot has been learnt since this time

Is installation quick and easy?

 Yes. Due to the unique and innovative features, both the Little Magic Box and Big Magic  Box and can be installed in about 4 hours. they simply connect to your existing hot water pipes 

 Will I be able to generate hot water without other sources of power in days without sun? 

Yes.  In fact the system will work day and night whether it is cloudy, raining, windy, frosty or snowing. It is a key component in our revolution in heating homes

Magic Box Introduction

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Magic Box product history

Please note this video was made in 2015. Since this time more than 8,000 units have been installed

Channel 4's "Grand Designs"

One of several new build homes featured on Channel 4 "Grand Designs" using Magic Box water heating