GoodLife Africa

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Connecting Africa to affordable power

Sub-Saharan Africa has an estimated 600 million people without access to grid electricity. This energy poverty is a serious inhibitor for economic development. At GoodLife, we have years of experience working to provide energy to this region, in particular the Republic of Zambia. We are committed to resolving this enormous challenge and have expended considerable time and resources to this aim

The GoodLife Sun Station

We believe we have a solution to this problem, which is both environmentally friendly and economically feasible. Building power grids will not work within a useful time-frame due to the enormous expense and low spending power of the market. Our solution is unique and will provide affordable power efficiently and cheaply, wherever it may be needed 

UK-based design and engineering

We are currently working with UK design and engineering teams to bring our concept to reality. We are targeting our first prototype deployments by April 2018 in Zambia 

Get involved!

Our unit is a paid-for power system using remote metering. However, our units will have wide application such as during  natural disasters and humanitarian relief. Please sign up to our forthcoming donation page to sponsor these units where they are needed most

Our Vision

The GoodLife Sun Station could feasibly achieve rapid deployment and connect millions to affordable electricity within a few years. We have realistic plans to bring power for the first time to more than one million households by 2025